About us

We are an innovative company whose main objective is to offer our customers the easiest method to access our wide range of coffees from different countries of the world with just one click.

Offering them a product with the highest quality standards, 100% pure, roasted or ground, implementing the option that our customers choose exactly the characteristics of the coffee they want served at the table according to their taste.            


Quality: in our product, whether roasted or ground, we have the most rigorous selection of coffee from several countries in the world. 

Passion: is what drives us to improve every day, putting love and dedication to the details to provide a perfect product for each client. 

Commitment: with ourselves and with our clients to satisfy their expectations and needs, easily, quickly and efficiently.


Our vision is to be a leading virtual company nationally and internationally positioning our coffee as one of the best in the world larger inventory,add Thea with easier access, with the highest technology and thus achieve a great social impact with a product that stands out for its excellent quality.